Want to achieve your goals but scared of starting? – Read this.

It’s 2019 and I understand you probably want to do something for yourself in this New Year. Let’s say you want to start a blog, to start a podcast or to write a book but then you are holding yourself back. Most times this is because you are finding excuses as to why you should hold on for a little longer or even not doing it at all.

To be honest, I was where you are too a few years ago and I understand very well your reasons as to why you haven’t started on that blog yet. In this article, I want to share with you the 3 major reasons that I know from my own experience that are holding you back and how to overcome that fear of not starting on your desired journey.

  1. You think you aren’t good enough

Most of the time we are held back by the fact that we think we have to be perfect in the first place in order to start on whatever we want to do. We tend to wait for the right time thinking that we will finally be ready. If you keep waiting for that right moment, believe me it will never come and you might never get started.

If you want to learn, teach. You have to be in motion to learn.

“Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you do and fix it along the way.”Paul Arden

  1. You care about other people’s Judgments

Other people’s opinions about you shouldn’t dictate your behaviors. Once you allow anyone to project their fears onto you, you automatically become a light being. So fuck that. You don’t need anyone’s validation, the only validation you need is yours. Other people’s perception of you is none of your business.

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” – ­Les Brown

  1. You care about numbers

The number of likes, comments and shares don’t determine your blog or podcast’s importance. You only need 1 yes. As long as someone somewhere finds your shared post important, that’s enough. You won’t heal the whole world. And believe me or not, not everyone who will find your information important will show it. Some people are too selfish to share with others while others don’t like the idea of anyone doing better than them.

Also not to leave out the fact that may be you are sharing your information with a wrong audience. So keep doing your thing and sharing it until it reaches the right people.

All that said, now stop over thinking things and start writing that book or that song. Don’t find any more excuses. Stop telling yourself that you need more resources, more support or even more time. Just start from where you are and with what you have.

Happy 2019