Venting out your frustrations on social media

For the past seven (7) years I have been on Facebook I have learnt several things but in this post am only interested in this particular thing.

Many people take social media too serious. (Facebook mostly in this case)
I’m not saying we should take social media as a joke. Yes its very fine to consider Facebook in several important stuff but I think we should be very selective on what to share on these platforms and what to ignore. On which posts to engage ourselves and which posts we should just leave out. Social media has brought people from all different backgrounds together. These people have got different intentions. There those who are so stressed and bored with their lives and cyber bullying is what comforts them.

Did you know that social media people only believe what they want to believe?
Of course its known to everyone that people only believe what they want to believe but with social media its worse. There is this confidence people have as they post stuff on their accounts behind their phones and computer screens. Remember you don’t know any of them and at times their Facebook names ain’t their real names. They will say anything about you for their own sick pleasure without considering how you might feel about it nor how those who care about you will feel. Someone will call you ugly from nowhere when she can’t even use her own picture as a profile Picture.

For these few years I have been using social media, I have learnt that sometimes it makes no sense for one to “clear the air” about some issues said about them. Yes, some people will take your words but some will adamantly refuse to believe a single word from you.

“People believe what they want to believe”
-Tab Hunter

I have seen several public figures trying to stress their frustrations, explaining to the public how false some stories about them are but when I go to read through the comment section am left bleeding inside. This is when I ask myself if its wise for celebrities or anyone else to use social media to open up about their frustrations and those who want to listen to them do or they should just ignore this than being humiliated by total strangers who actually even have nothing registered under their names besides their national IDs and sim cards.(Not to sound rude)

Its frustrating right!

I for one I have vented out my frustrations many times online. Of course through this very blog and on twitter a few times.
However my frustrations have never been personal. It has always been about this frustrating judgemental society and our “beloved” dictatorial government.

Sorry not sorry for that last sentence up there.

Anyway, the question stands. Is it right for us to vent out our frustrations on social media platforms?

Put in mind that venting out on social media is not that different from venting out in Public.

If you ask me I would say No. Its not worth your precious time. But if you can phrase your frustrations in a calmer manner and you understand your audience then give it a shot.
But always remember, not every issue should be addressed. Some don’t deserve your attention.