Simple Tips On How To Create A Successful Business/Brand

Growing up, like everyone else I also had really big dreams. Because there were many Nigerian movies on the Ugandan market, we watched many of those at home. And that’s what made me decide that I was going to be an actress. But again, since I was young I always ended up getting distracted. Everything excited me. I always changed my mind about what I really wanted to become in life. But there was one thing stuck in mind; I wanted to be Successful.

As I grew older, I decided that I was going to become a writer after joining my high school’s writer’s club. Writing became my passion. l felt so deep in love with it and eventually started a simple personal blog for myself where I used to share my personal life stories. It was like my little diary online. Someone discovered me from here and asked me to join him on an entertainment blog, something that I gladly welcomed.

Long story short. Writing became everything for me; from writing on my simple blog to entertainment blogs, my articles have featured on other blogs, been interviewed on different websites, contacted to influence for brands, offered jobs, nominated for a favorite teens’ award and I have also started another blog where different people come together to share different stories on self-improvement.

I don’t know what this looks like to you but to me, this is the definition of successful. I have made money through digital influencing but my influence came from writing, made several investments offline, and you are here to read this article because you probably know me, follow me somewhere on social media or your friend shared it with you.  Truth is, you being here to read my shit means I have made something of myself.

Now, I want to assist you to achieve YOUR dreams – however that looks to YOU! Here are some tips on how to do that for yourself…

1. First, you need to know your “why”. WHY are you starting/growing your business or brand? What is your main purpose? Be specific and be real! (TIP: Please do not make this about money! If your number one priority is to “make money”, the money may come but it will be hard to keep without PASSION behind your WHY!)

2. WHO do you want to serve? Who is your ideal client? What pain points do they have and how are you solving their problems? (TIP: Be very specific when identifying your ideal client/audience)

3. Learn how to market your products/services through training or just hire someone who knows what they are doing. Welcome to entrepreneurship: you are now enrolled in your business growth FOR LIFE! Never stop learning because you will never know it all. I mean, you can NEVER know it all.

4. Ask for help. This a tough one I know. But it’s not actually hard, you are just proud. You can be the most intelligent person on the planet but you still need assistance. There are so many moving parts so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it- especially asking for help doing the tasks you don’t like!

5. Invest in yourself / business. Investments can be scary but most of the massive shifts in life have come from allowing myself to spend a few dollars on courses, books, events, and rebranding! I invest in my own personal growth by going to networking events and buying books. I have been able to meet so many people who have helped me grow in so many ways via these events.

6. Stop limiting yourself. You should learn to protect yourself even from your own thoughts. Any thought you can create in your mind you can create in your life. Since we attract what we believe in, how about you start believing first, you need to BELIEVE you can achieve it. Create that in your mind.

I hope you found this helpful. If there is anything else you would love to add, feel free to drop it in the comment section.