How can you describe a Perfect body!

Sometime ago, Uganda’s puppet show called Chicken and Chips whose season two airs on NTV Uganda on Sundays at 1:30pm and repeats run on Fridays at 4pm asked, “How can you describe a perfect body?” and I had this to say in a not so long Facebook post that I made in response to the question;

“Desire Luzinda is curvy and everyone finds that beautiful.
Stecia Mayanja and Catherine Kusasira are fat and short with big behinds. Some people like that while others don’t. They think these ladies are extra.
My Rema is just okay, not fat and not skinny. But still some fans want her to hit the gym.

To me, Perfect is imperfect. I love both the male and female bodies in general.
The most attractive thing for me is personality and health.
By health I mean, clean hair, skin, teeth, and approach to diet and exercise.”

This judgmental society has made people uncomfortable about their own bodies. Men think that having six packs is having the perfect body while women too believe being curvy is having a perfect body.

This has very much reduced people’s self esteem. Men are forced to hit gyms for body building and women too go there to reduce their body sizes since the society has also made them believe that being fat is not sexy.
They also seek help to enlarge some body parts like the butts and hips from some herbal medical doctors. We have all heard of the so known Facco. Right? I’m not sure if they provide herbal medicine too but its very known that they provide medicine for different body parts enlargements and the effects are said to be always good till it back fires.


In the grid are musicians Desire Luzinda, Vanessa Mdee, Rema Namakula and Catherine Kusasira

I hear there are Perfect fitness bodies, Perfect model bodies, Perfect beach bodies among other categories but I for one can’t differentiate which is which.


This here is me. Could this be the Perfect model body!

Unfortunately Both women and men mind much about their bodies to either impress the society or to attract the opposite gender yet both the society and the people of the opposite gender have got different views about the perfect body. What you find perfect, the other doesn’t.


Right here is my Friend Angel. Is she your girlfriend’s body goals?

Can we stop trying too much to impress others and focus on ourselves!!

Meanwhile Chicken and Chips focuses on relationships and combines music, journalism, puppetry, animation and reality TV to create the freshest blend of edutainment for young people in Uganda.
The show is aimed at reducing stigma around adolescent sexuality, Shifting perceptions of gender roles and increasing intimate partner communication.