Habits hindering you from succeeding

Habits can either be good or bad. They can either help you or obstruct you from achieving your goals.
I want to mention some of the common horrible habits that you should let go of if you want to succeed in life.

1. Doubting yourself
Many times we doubt ourselves and what we can do. But once you start thinking that you can’t do this or that, believe me even if you decide to do it you won’t do it well. And that’s because you are doing it with the belief that you can’t perfect it. Your head is already contaminated and only expecting negative results. So you won’t give it your best.

2. Limiting yourself
Once you start limiting yourself and what you can do, you won’t become successful. There is so much you can do but you choose to do some and leave out the rest. You are losing out opportunities in not doing some things. Don’t close any of the doors for yourself, don’t lock yourself out.

3. Listening to negative comments
There will be those who failed and they will tell you how hard it is to succeeded in a certain field. There will also be those who don’t wish you well, so they will say a lot of things to discourage you. Once you also decide to listen to them, you won’t archive your set goals.

4. Not trying
If you don’t try then how do you expect to succeed? If you want to achieve anything then you have got to try and give it a shot. You aren’t getting anywhere simply because you haven’t started on anything.
I want to remind you of a quote I love:

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”
-Roy T. Bennett , The Light in the Heart

5. Giving up
Those who give up never win. When you decide to give up you can’t know how close you have been to succeeding. So keep trying even after failing. Most of the great people you hear today weren’t so lucky too that they shot once and boom, success came their way. They too failed, not even once but still never gave up.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
-Thomas A. Edison

6. Pushing to tomorrow
You ain’t successful yet because you keep pushing today’s work to the next day. Once you keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow then you are done. Do whatever you have got to do in its right time. Once you get an idea, don’t push it for tomorrow. Draft it there and then before you lose motivation or get second thoughts.

7.Waiting to be perfect
Its very okay to start with the little knowledge you have and as you go on, you can better yourself with the experience you would have gained.

“Don’t wait to be perfect, perfection will come along the way.”
– Winnie Nantongo

8. Not educating yourself
What you learnt at school will never be enough. Don’t be so confident about your diploma or your degree. You have to keep educating yourself about that specific thing you want. Read articles, consult people, watch videos among other things.

“Be hungry for knowledge, have that burning desire to learn something new every day”
-Winnie Nantongo

9. Thinking of what people will say
“What will people say?” This has killed many people’s dreams. All you should care about is what you will get if you try and not what people will say. People will always have something to say about everything. But their opinions should never become your reality. Focus on you, not what they think of you.

10. Your surrounding
You have failed to achieve your goals because you are surrounded by negative people, people who complain about everything, they don’t clap when you win, they appreciate nothing.
Surround yourself with people who you share a common passion about something, people who will encourage you, motivate you or inspire you.

Once you overcome the above deadly habits, you will definitely be able to achieve your set goals.