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About Winnie

Hi there. My name is Winnie Nantongo and I am a Ugandan writer, poet, youtube personality, digital influencer, social activist & decided optimist dedicated to assisting you to develop your minds and hearts.

Through my personal blog, different social media channels and motivation website, I’m satisfied to have created a socially awake digital empire that has touched thousands of souls. All I do with my life is to assist people like you to unleash your greatness and discover your power.

However, I started out as a novice at one of Uganda’s leading entertainment blogs called 411 UG then later contributed to different entertainment blogs along the way before I started my own personal development blog due to the desire to assist people to develop their minds and hearts.

How I Started

The Realization

I believe in self improvement. I believe that the world can be a much better place if we focus on becoming a person of value so that we can share that value with others. Bringing value to the rest of the world has always been my dream since I was so little.

I started my social media presence back in 2012 on Facebook with a sole intention to just have that one easy location online where I could share short inspiring messages. Little did I know that this simple gesture got many people interested thus compelled me to do something bigger than just posting on Facebook. And that is exactly how the idea of a personal development blog came to mind and later a motivation website.

Today, my self improvement articles have featured on several different blogs including MTN Uganda’s MTN Pulse blog and I was also able to scoop a nomination for the Teens favorite blogger/Author in the 2018 Walk of fame teens awards.

About the Blog

This is a Personal development/self improvement blog. Initially, this was a place for me to share my own stories of life but later realized that this wasn’t just about me but us.

Here, expect to find posts on personality development, self-esteem, motivation, simplicity, reducing stress, spirituality, letting go, minimalism and much more.

Consider this as a place to assist you develop your minds and hearts.


I’m a decided optimist dedicated to assisting you develop your minds and hearts. I aspire to inspire and motivate


A lot of fields today have changed as technology is also evolving, and one of those fields is marketing


There are so many silenced individuals out there and I choose to use my platform and be the voice to all those silenced souls.
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